UK - View patient name in Bridge at batch level

@Andre Kerkhof Pete spoke with Rob at Cohen’s after GF mentioned the patient filter functionality in Bridge that will allow the patient name to filtered as they now filter customer, institution and dates - subject to more information, initial feeling was that this would be suitable for their purposes. Ideally Maria could get some more details/screenshots around how this functionality will work for me to go back to Rob with. This would be beneficial to more UK customers, in part because UK PMR always exports one patient at a time. Original request was to have functionality to view the patient name in Bridge at a batch level in all three process tabs, Pending Jobs, Distribution and Production.  


Example layout attached

  • Claire Garner
  • Sep 5 2018
  • In Progress
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    Maria Garces commented
    02 Nov 13:21

    Will be available in 18.3