Modification of Merging jobs in Bridge

I´d like to raise a new issue in Aha!, for VBM Software development – Bridge.

You remember, we´ve discussed the merging functionality in Bridge and in latest software release it is included.

Unfortunately it is not as we thought it is.


This merging functionality works like this:

You have 2  or more patients in different files – you merge it and you have one file.

This is perfect for our UK colleagues, because of their PIS system issues…


What I saw in Hanover is different:

Actually they send over files with lots of patients.

These files include patients (Patient A), sometimes with more than 5 intake times.

So they have to split them from other patients and split the patients into 2 cards, by intake time.

This means, instead of only 1 job, they have 3 now.

  1. Original job without patient A
  2. Patient A card 1
  3. Patient A card 2


When you send this over to VBM, the process of MDA filling is very inefficient, because MDA is in use per job.

So you have some MDAs for 1., one for 2. And one for 3..

MDA for 2. and 3. Are in use for one or two drugs only instead of combining the MDA filling for multiple jobs…


So we thought, with merging, you can combine those 3 jobs to one again, including 2 cards for Patient A and make MDA filling more efficient.

Merging works, but with actual merging functionality, Bridge merges by patient name/ patient ID (?) and makes out of 2 cards for Patuient A, one card again…

So the job looks like the original one, that was sent to Bridge.


Hope this makes sense?

Do you think there is a possibilty to change merging functinality?

With this, MDA process and in result the output for VBM in Germany would increase…

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  • Jan 2 2018
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