AU interface and bridge changes

 Australian Interface and GF.Bridge.

From: André Kerkhof []
Sent: 12 March 2018 15:46
To: Irfan Ali /5281 <>
Subject: OMCL Australian interface \ GF.Bridge




Hello Irfan,

Trust you are keeping well and hope you have some good days in Australia.


As discussed last week, I am happy to inform you about the tentative development schedule of the Australian Interface and GF.Bridge.


We are currently in the process of applying extra resources to develop this interface and we a feeling more confident about providing you a tentative date.


We are working towards a release for this functionality by the end of August 2018, this date is a not 100% binding date, if possible we can deliver earlier than this date, but this date can also move out, like to the end of September 2018.


I am sure this timeframe sounds much more better than the discussed timeframe of Q1-2019, note that we still have to discuss (some) technical issues, but at this moment the teams feels confident to share this schedule with you.

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